Ready to make some money!

Here it is, 11:30 p.m. on a Friday night, and Christine and I just got done getting ready for a garage sale we’re having tomorrow.

Having a garage sale when you have a 19 month old is tough work. We really couldn’t work on getting stuff ready for it until 8:30 p.m. every night, and by 10:00 we were exhausted and frustrated… We pretty much worked on getting ready for the garage sale every night this week. Maybe took one night off.

I was supposed to come home early from the office today, but, I got stuck there until 5:30… ugh…

So I got home, and poor Christine had been pricing stuff since about 2:00, and then when I got home, we started cleaning out the garage. At dinner time, we took a break from that and then gave Jack a bath. After putting him down, we worked hard again until just now.

And we’ve probably got $500 worth of stuff for sale in the garage, all priced between $0.50 and $20…

We start at 7:30 a.m. tomorrow… I’ll report back the earnings tomorrow night. Hope we make some money! If we do, it’s all thanks for Christine’s hard work this week.

update: It’s almost noon, been out here since 7 a.m. I’ve got about $140 in my pocket… that’s about what, $25/hour? Not bad so far.

another update: It’s 1:15, 94° F and I have $206 in my pocket. Traffic has really dropped off, and I’ve got a lot of shit to take to Goodwill now… hope someone comes by before 5:00 and buys some of this crap. Ugh, it’s hot out here in the garage!

last update: It’s 2:45, and just started sprinkling… I’ve pulled all of our stuff inside the garage, and am heading inside to eat lunch. It’s still freakin’ hot. We’re up to about $230 or so if I had to guess.

really, the last update: We stopped selling everything at 3:40. Packed up all the leftovers and took them to Goodwill. We probably sold 1/4 of all the crap we had for sale this morning. At the end of it all, I had $240 in my pocket. Take out $40 that I started with (for change-making) and the $45 that we collected for Heidi and Lee (neighbors) and we earned roughtly $155 and some change. Was it worth it? Well, Jack just got some more money for college… Last time we do a damned garage sale in July though… ugh, it was hot!

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