Zilker Park for Mother’s Day

This past weekend was a lot of fun. On Saturday, I hung out with Jack all day. Christine met up with her friend Tonya around 3:00 and they had a great afternoon and evening together. They went to the Alamo Drafthouse to watch a movie, and then went to dinner at Mirabelle. Christine got home around 9:00 and we went to bed early.

On Mother’s Day, I let Christine sleep in. Jack and I went into the bedroom around 8:45 and woke her up by singing “Happy Mother’s Day” to her (to the tune of the Happy Birthday song).

After some kolaches (that Jack and I had procured from the Lone Star Kolache place on 35th and Lamar) we all got dressed and headed to Zilker Park.

And boy, did we have fun.

Jack chased the pigeons and sat down with a few squirrels:

And then we rode the Zilker Train.

Lots of fun, and more photos here.

After going to Zilker Park, we stopped on the way home and ate lunch at Scholtsky’s and then Jack fell asleep on the way home.

We let Jack nap until 3:00, and then headed to a birthday party for Dylan Levy, the 2 year old down the street. That was fun too… We ate cake, and played, and had a ton of fun. The folks at MyGym here in Austin do a great job with little kids parties.

Jack also got a few presents from Grandma in the mail this past week… and he’s learning to play the harmonica. At the end of the day, we gave him his harmonica to play with while we changed his diaper. He thought that was a grand idea, and you should hear him now… he’s really getting good at it.

Hope you all had a great Mother’s Day too.

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  1. It looks like you had a wonderful time. Great pictures! Can’t wait to hear Jack play his harmonica. Love to you all.

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