The beater

One morning, Jack and I took a walk around the neighborhood. When we got to Herbert and Lori’s house, we spied Dylan and Lori outside playing in Herbert’s old beater bug.

Jack wasn’t content to just sit in his stroller, so we put him in the car with Dylan, and Lori took some photos. You can see them all here.

This one is my favorite:

Old bugs are cool. Herbert’s reminds me of the one I bought for $300 in high school. It had rusted out floor boards, a rusty body, a sunroof that was permanently stuck open, and a kickin’ Jensen stereo system that Josh and I put in one afternoon.

The backseat caught on fire once. The paint job was red spray paint out of a can (which made touch ups easy to do). The suspension was totally shot. The front bumper fell off a few times. I used to feed cows in it by putting someone in the trunk (up front) and driving through the pasture backwards while they sat in the trunk with the feed and dropped the feed as we backed up. It had a top speed of 52 mph or so, but only going downhill with the wind at your back. The breaks sparked when you hit them (which was cool at night, as long as the cops weren’t behind you). And, I got a my first ticket in that car (for not wearing a seat belt). But, I made it to Dallas and back in it once (didn’t dare to try it twice). It was a good car.

I think my mom sold the car for $400 the next summer after it quit running… loved that old bug.

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