The last two weekends – outside

Christine and I have really enjoyed the last two weekends at home. It’s been a big change from all of the traveling I did last year for work, and the last two months worth of traveling we did as a family during the holidays.

On the 7th, we took Jack and Wesley to Patterson Park, around the corner. It was a gorgeous clear but crisp cool day, and I was on a mission to take some photos. We did pretty good with the photos, and Jack and Wesley had a blast.

We let Wesley run loose without a leash, and he had a blast playing with the kids from the surrounding neighborhoods that were there with their parents:

We took this photo of Jack while he was climbing up one of the playscapes:

We think that photo is easily the best photo of Jack we’ve had since Marc took the black and white of him in the air almost a year ago.

We also got this photo of Jack swinging. I love the action in this shot:

See more photos of our day at Patterson Park here.

Then, just this past weekend, after playing with Jack and Patton inside (you have to admit Patton is a pretty kitty), I decided to rake the leaves off the front lawn finally. About half-way through putting the leaves into paper bags, Christine and Jack joined me, and Christine took over raking and bagging. So I took Jack, and ran inside to get the camera.

Jack and I had fun walking around the front yard, and in the little red wagon.

And we even got to see the day lillies that are coming up in our neighbors yard:

When the day was all said and done, I’d fertilized the front lawn, watered half of it, and Christine had finished raking 8 bags of leaves and putting them on the curb for pickup later this week:

See all the photos from Saturday the 14th, here.

If you can’t tell, I’m really enjoying this photography thing.

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