Curious George

Today was an exciting day for Jack. I got up early with him, because Christine was up last night late due to a bad headache.

We got up and played, and read a bunch of books, after breakfast.

After Christine got up, I took a break on the couch, while she watched Jack and cooked him lunch. At some point, I heard a large crash … like a bottle breaking, and then Jack started wailing!

I ran into the kitchen, and Christine was picking up Jack. He was kicking violently and doing one of those silent screams that you know would just be louder than hell if any sound could come out of his mouth…

Turns out, he dropped a soy sauce bottle from the fridge on his big toe. The bottle didn’t break, but it hit him hard enough to break the skin on the tip of his toe and make him bleed a little.

So now, Jack got his first booboo that needed a band-aid.

Jack got to wear a super-manly Curious George band-aid all day:

So while he became a man with his busted lip in October, he’s now graduated into a new class of man-hood.

2 Replies to “Curious George”

  1. Ugghhhh… It’s hard enough living vicariously through you guys. Can’t wait until I have to deal with first blood 😉

    Until then, anxiously awaiting the post on broken bones and stitches. From motor surfing, of course.

  2. I bet he was baby cursing a storm! @#&%*($)! @#$!

    Tell him to take a [email protected] uncle brad’s pic on Daddy’s website and tell him that is what he has to look forward to. Also make sure he knows that scars are cool, and that everyone tells a story(my parenting advise for the day).

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