Christine’s Grandaddy and Grandmother were married on June 27th, 1943 at the Church of the Bretheren on the McPherson College campus in McPherson, Kansas.

I scanned them into the computer today for posterity’s sake. I’ve put some web-quality photos online, in case you want to look at the photos we have, but if you want to print a copy, let me know, and I’ll burn a copy of the photos on CD, so you can get the best quality print you can. I also cleaned up the images a bit, as the 60+ year old photos had weathered and worn just a little bit. I hope you enjoy seeing some photos from the past:

These are some photos from the Miss Gulah Velma Hoover to Dr. Garman Harlow Daron Ph.D. wedding. Miss Hoover was 31, Dr. Daron was 39 when they married.

The Best Man was Foster Hoover, uncle of the bride.
The Matron of Honor was Maxine Doyle, sister of the bride.
[photos of the groom, bride, and best man and matron of honor]

The mother and father of the bride were Charles “Doc” Hoover and Ida Hoover. [pictured to the left]
The mother of groom Mabel Daron. [pictured at right]

See them all here.

Bonus photo:

Garman Daron by himself in a professional portrait:

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