This week, Jack graduated from his Baby Signs class that he was taking a Gymboree. Here’s a good photo of Jack and one of his classmates (Lucy) playing on one of the Gymboree playthings before class.

Jack is now officially licensed and trained to use sign language to talk to his parents and anyone else he meets on the streets…

What’s funny about Jack graduating is that I think he knows 3 or 4 signs out of the 30 or so they teach…

That’s how it starts folks… we teach our kids that it’s okay to get 90 percent of the test material wrong, and we still pass them, so they feel good about themselves… 😉

After class, we took Jack out to eat at the Central Market Cafe to celebrate his graduation. Jack has some Rustic Pizza, pineapple and strawberries, and some market veggies, before we went home and took a bath before bed. It was windy outside at dinner.

Actually, Jack has amazed us in the past two weeks or so, with his first actual grasp of a few of the signs.

Jack can now say “all-done” at the end of his meals, or at least when he’s done sitting in his high-chair and wants down. He did it tonight before either of us asked him if he was “all-done”.

Jack can also say “bath” (or at least he did tonight which was his first time to sign it).

Jack kind of says “bubbles” when he feels like it.

Jack has his own sign for “kitty” which is to say he doesn’t use the standard sign for it, rather he sticks his tongue out and “purrs” – which is hilarious and can be messy.

All Done
All Done

Jack also now points at individual objects and says “uh” which is sort of like him asking “what’s that?” We generally encourage this behavior, meaning Jack will probably never stop asking questions once he can really talk, by saying “That’s a _____” whenever he does it.

And then, Jack got his fourth tooth this week… so he’s got two on the bottom and two teeth on the top.

He also almost walked today… it wasn’t a real “I’m walking because I want to” walk, but rather, we stopped holding his hands for a split second and he fell into his Mommy’s arms… then proceeded to protest the fact that we just let go of him…

Fun times…

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