Mayfield Park with Friends

On Saturday morning, Christine and I loaded up Jack into the Volvo and headed for Mayfield Park. It’s official name is Mayfield Nature Preserve, and it’s located in Austin near Mt. Bonnell, right off West 35th Street.

It was our first time to visit, and we were there to help Cyndi and Marc capture some good family photos of them with Rowan, while also getting our own pictures taken.

I’ve got to say that Mayfield Park is pretty cool. When you first park, and walk into the preserve, you’re greeted by lots of peacocks… which I wasn’t expecting. The park area that we visited has multiple lilypad filled ponds and lots of flower and planting beds that are cared for by local groups that volunteer their time to support the park.

We didn’t hike the trails, but I wish we would have (we’ll have to do that next year). I read a story of someone else’s hike today, and I’m interested in seeing more of the park (it’s 22 acres in size, and we only visited about 1 acre of the land).

It was fun to spend time with Cyndi, Marc and Rowan, and we got some good photos too. See them all here.

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