Knoxville, Nashville, Detroit and Dallas

Last week, found me in Knoxville, Tennesee on Wednesday/Thursday to see a client that I’d really like to convince to use the stuff I’m selling now. Knoxville is a gorgeous little town that reminds me of Austin 15 years ago. Obviously, I have no idea what Austin was really like 15 year ago, but I imagine it was a lot like Knoxville. Small college town with a bustling little business sector and a certain charm that makes it attractive.

I met my future client at the Downtown Grill and Brewery for lunch. Good food and great atmosphere.

Then on Thursday night/Friday morning of last week, I was in Nashville to talk to another future client. I was actually in Brentwood, and I have to say, that is some beautiful country there… I stayed in a Hilton Suites hotel in downtown Brentwood, and when I woke up on Friday morning, I was greeted by a beautiful smoky mountain sun, peaking over three little foothill peaks that I could see surrounding the town out of my hotel window. Just gorgeous.

Oh, and the Tennessee barbeque isn’t bad folks. I ate pulled pork, ribs, and brisket at Porky’s on Thursday night. The pork and ribs were wonderful … much better than I’ve ever had in Texas. The brisket wasn’t done right (that meaning we still do it better in Texas) but it wasn’t bad either. And who can pass up “sweet tea” as it’s called in the south. Loved that trip (and I’ll close one of those two clients this quarter which makes the trip worth it).

Then this week, I flew to Dallas Tuesday to meet with two clients and to attend a industry meeting. The two client meetings were great… don’t know that I’ll sell anything there soon, but it’s always good to have the conversations.

I stayed on the DFW airpoty Tuesday night at the new Hyatt Grand. Wow! What a great hotel. Loved it… would stay there again if it’s convenient.

I got up a the butt crack of dawn on Wednesday and flew to Detroit for a few client meetings. I was dead tired… jet lagged and ugly. I found my hotel, rested a bit, and met a client for dinner on Wednesday night. Great dinner… learned a lot and look forward to working with them more in the future.

Then on Thursday, I met with two current clients and one potential client. All of my meetings were good, and I’ve decided I like Detroit. Granted I was only there for 30 hours, but it was a good trip. I had dinner on Thursday night at Fishbones and lunch on Friday at Sindbads (ummmmm). Beautiful yards out in the suburbs, all of the roads seem to be big divided boulevards and the trees are amazing.

Overall the last two weeks have been profitable from a business standpoint, but they’ve been tough. Being away from Jack and Christine sucks, but it’s a neccessary evil. I’m sure I’ll look back on this time in the future and think that I’m really glad I did it because of where it gets us all. I’m just glad that Christine is as supportive as she is, because without her I couldn’t do this.

And since I’m writing this on the plane listening to the iPod, I’ve got to point out some new/old artists I totally dig: Spongle is the bomb – totally new music to me, that I completely dig. I can’t wait until Jack gets to see the Texas Aggie Band (I’ve got the CD I played on on my iPod). U2 just rocks!

I should also point out that I’m now a First Class whore. I’ve flown First Class (free upgrades because I fly too darned much) the last 8 times I’ve flown, and I’m spolied now (I write this as I sit in an exit row on a 1/2 full flight with plenty of room … the little desks just don’t work as well in coach as they work in First Class (that and the liquor ain’t free back here)).

I’m back in Austin all week next week, and Aunt Murrell, Jon and Hannah are here this weekend visiting, woohoo!

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