Bob Beuerlein, our good friend from our Army days, has been at Fort Irwin, California, home to the National Training Center for the past month. He sent this Top Ten list:

Top Ten Reasons to Live at Fort Irwin

10. Lizards outnumber humans, and taste like chicken.
9. You dont need to mow the lawn. If your really anal retentive you can rake your pebbles.
8. When its 118°F outside by the time you hang your clothes out to dry they are already dry!
7. It rained today, for 30 seconds, then it was nice and humid just like home in Texas!
6. You can make kick ass sun tea in about 30 min.
5. The post pool is free.
4. The temporary barracks are not airconditioned. Nothing like sweating off a few extra pounds while you sleep!
3. Starbucks is only 100 miles away in Victorville.
2. Las Vegas is only 3.5 hours away.

THE NUMBER ONE REASON to live at Fort Irwin, California is…

1. Any reason to leave town is a good reason!

Here’s a few photos that he sent along as well:

Pretty bleak huh?

Get home soon Bob!

(When he gets home, we’re going to have dinner with him, his daughter Sophie Kate, and his mother one night in Austin).

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