englers.org webmail that works (finally)

After 2 years or so of promising to install a decent web-based email program for Evan, Shadel, and my mom, I’ve finally done it.

So, if you want to email any of us, you can do so now:

  • John [at] englers.org
  • Christine [at] englers.org
  • Evan [at] englers.org
  • Shadel [at] englers.org
  • Jessica [at] englers.org

Those email addresses aren’t real, you’ll have to replace the [at] with the “@” symbol to email us (I’ve done that to keep us from getting more spam).

Mom, Evan, Shadel, you can login to your email here:

http://webmail.englers.org/ — There’s a link over on the side of the website so it’s easy to find.

Call me for your username and password if you don’t remember them from last time I set this up and it didn’t work so well.

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