7 weeks old now

Jack hit his 7 week old mark this week. And boy, is he really growing fast folks! We weighed him the other night, and we think he’s around 12 pounds now.

Let’s see… since the last time we posted an update, Jack has started learning lots of new things, and is impressing his parents all the time.

Christine took Jack to lunch last week with her old office-mates. They had a good time visiting with all of the folks from Freese & Nichols Austin office. Jack also got to meet his cousin Katherine last week. Jack really liked Katherine, and we’re hoping to talk her into helping us out a little with some baby sitting in the near future (Mom and Dad have to get out every once and a while, don’t they?)

We had dinner over at Josh and Elise’s house on Monday. Christine cooked a Lasagna (okay, Mrs. Stouffer’s coooked it, and we just warmed it up) to take over to their house, and we all chatted and played with Jack until 10:00, before Christine and I drove home.

Jack has definitely learned how to smile, and can do it on command now. He’s started cooing, and agooing, and mmmmming and making all sorts of other sounds. He’s also learning to push up with his feet when we hold him on our laps in a sitting position. And he’s just starting to play this his toys… fun times…

Jack just loves to “fly” over his Daddy’s head, and is too fun to play with when he’s in a good mood. When he’s in a fussy mood, he’s still cute, just in need of a little extra loving. And he’s not all that fussy all that often.

Jack is starting to take longer naps during the day. And those naps in his swingy swing are just too much fun… You should see Christine and I sneaking through the living room so as not to wake him. It’s too much fun.

Next week we go for his 2 month check up, and Jack gets his first shots.

In other news, I’ll be in Dallas on the 25th and 26th of January and then in New York the week of January 31st.

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