Waiting on a baby with an Ella iMovie

Since Christine and I are just sitting around the house this weekend waiting for a baby to come, I figured I’d play with iMovie and see if I couldn’t figure out how to work it.

I figure I’m gonna need to know how to create a movie for when we start putting movies of the kiddo online, to share with our friends and family, and I’d rather know a little about what I’m doing before the video footage is important, so, I whipped up a little vonage from some footage I shot Evan, Shadel and Ella were up in Austin on July 25th…

I think it came out really cute, and hope you do to.

You can watch the small [10MB] version of the film here, on my .Mac account, or you can watch the large [45MB] version of the film here [Quicktime required for both versions].

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