Still Waiting

Christine worked her last day at the office on Tuesday, and it’s now Thursday, and no baby yet. She was due today (11/18) and it didn’t come. I’m now convinced that doctors don’t know what they’re talking about.

In the past couple of days, we’ve gotten the nursery completely finished. We changed the sheets on the mattress in the crib, put together a swingy-seat and a bassinet, and installed carpeting (okay, really, we just put down a rug).

It’s cozy in there, and the cat loves the bassinet, so we may just let him sleep in it.

Christine’s feeling fine, and is putting up with my constant “Are you having a baby, yet?” questions (I’m asking her that about once every 4 hours now). She keeps telling me “not yet.” But every few hours she says “ouch” … probably a contraction or something… so I’m hopeful that she’s really going to have the baby sometime in the next week or so…

We’ll let you know when we know something.

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