Bob Got to visit

One of my best buddies from the Army visited us in early May.

Bob and Jen were our best friends in the Army.

You might remember some pictures we posted of Bob’s beautiful daughter Sophie Kate from back in 2001 (gosh that seems like so long ago).

We missed Bob for the last year while he was in Korea, so when we heard that he was coming to visit we were super excited, and then we found out that he was leaving for Iraq in less than a week. Man, that sucks… Bob was home for 3 weeks or so before he shipped off to Iraq.

While it sucks that Bob’s in Iraq right now, I’m also very proud to call him my friend, and one of my dearest friends at that. We had a good time visiting a few hot spots in Austin, and seeing the sights with him.

We want Bob to come home soon, and thank him for his service to his country.

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