Jobless no more…

Woohoo!!!! I just have to tell everyone how excited that I am that Josh, my best friend since highschool, is going to soon join the world of the employed. For those of you that don’t know, Josh has shown amazing loyalty, sticking it out with a company that he knew was going down last year (Vidbook) and was eventually fired, when the owner decided to close the doors.

He’s been leaching off the government on unemployment, while looking for something new since then, and thankfully this week, he received a formal job offer from a company in Temple, TX, for a job as a Webmaster/Developer (or something close). I’m so excited that he has a job, cause now I know that I won’t have to listen to him when he’s depressed, and he can pick me up when I am… (Josh, I’m just kidding about the leaching and the ‘i won’t have to listen to you bit’).

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