Happy Birthday Mary

Monday, February 18th, is Mary’s Birthday, so we invited the entire Kamp family over to our house in Forth Worth to visit for the day, and to celebrate Mary’s Birthday. They all arrived around 3:00, and dinner was to be had at 4:00. Christine got up this morning at 6:00 am to cook a large pot roast with apples and apple gravy, and the house was cleaned up by the time they arrived… and dinner was almost ready.

After a couple of bottles of wine, a wonderful dinner, and a lot of catching up (we haven’t seen Steven or Jenny, and Michael in a while) we all decided it was time to sing the birthday girl a song, so we gathered around Mary to sing her “Happy Birthday”. Christine made Mary a double decker Red Velvet cake with Cream-cheese icing. She decorated the top of the cake with a red rose and cake crumbs. It was delicious, and the Birthday girl “got over” on the number of candles I think…

After cake, our wonderful neighbors, the Bullocks, came over so that we could also celebrate Tommy’s 1st birthday, which was last week. While they were here, we asked them to take a family picture of us, so that we could preserve the moment. We all gathered on the stairs, even Wesley and Patton, and Karen snapped this photo of us. You can see where the Kamp’s get their wonderful looks. Aren’t we marvelous?

Friends and family on a Sunday afternoon… who could ask for more?

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