Momo’s Summer Visit

I’m finally finding some time to focus on, and specifically to get some photos up that we’ve had just sitting around…

Here’s the first installment of those photos:

Momo came and visited us this summer a couple of times. This gallery has most of those photos from her June/July trip.

The did things like playing in the back yard, made oatmeal cookies (and ate a lot of the dough) and other fun stuff. We rode bikes.

We also headed out to the lake and spent time with Momo, Evan, Shadel and Ella. Ella and Jack just loved playing together, Grayson and I hung out, and Evan cooked a little.

You’ve gotta love these shoes Grayson was caught wearing, and the sunglasses too.

We all swam. Ella jumped in the poolGrayson floated… and Jack and Ella were cute… then Grayson got tired.

We fished. We swam in the lake. We kayaked. We Jet Skied… All of us. Grayson and Jack.

Check out all the photos from her trip up to Austin here.

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