We’re in the new house

It’s Sunday night, around 10:30 p.m. as I write this. I’m sitting on our love seat in the “family room” in the back of the new house, watching HGTV on our HD TV. Christine is eating a chocolate mousse pie and drinking a glass of milk, and I think Frank is asleep in the guest room (Frank drove down on Thursday, and has been staying at the new house and working throughout the day each day, to help us get moved in faster). Jack and Grayson are both sleeping in their rooms, and Jack is in his new big boy bed.

We started moving into this house on Thursday of last week (we packed on Wednesday). Once we got everything over here on Thursday afternoon, we realized the house just wasn’t far enough along for us to actually move in… walls still needed paint, tile work needed to be done in the bathrooms, and the floors (and pretty much every other surface) were all still covered with a lot of sheetrock dust (like 2 or 3 millimeters deep in some places).

So, we ended up staying with Josh, Elise and Maly for the past few days. (THANK YOU GUYS!!!)

But, we were bound and determined to move in today, and have the boys sleep in their own beds, so, we did it. We moved in.

And we’re all exhausted. But, we’re glad to be in the house…

Now I’m going upstairs to see if I can figure out what boxes all of my clothes are in, so I have something to wear to work tomorrow.

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