Poor Jack got a strep infection last week, after we got home from Bellville. He hasn’t felt good all week, and on Saturday, four days after seeing Doc Treybig last week, we went to see her again.

She said he was still sick, and his ears looked worse than before. So she changed his antibiotic and gave him a S-H-O-T. Ouch.

In fact, the little guy had to get two shots, because the nurse screwed up the first one. Double ouch.

We missed Maly’s first birthday party today because Jack still has strep, and Christine wasn’t feeling well this morning. I’m sure that her feeling bad has nothing to do with the copious amounts of alcohol she consumed last night at the Project Flamingo party we attended.

I’ve been parenting all three of them all day, but managed to get the taxes done today too, and believe it or not we’re getting somemoney back this year. First time that’s happened in 5 years.

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