Grayson – almost three months old

I haven’t written as much about Grayson as I should have been. Christine and I just get so little down-time with two kids in the house, it’s hard to write…

So, as he turns three months old, I as reflect on his first three months of life, and this journey he’s making into the world…

I realize that Grayson really looks up to his big brother, and has started following him around the room when we have him in his little bouncy seat while Jack runs around and plays.

Grayson is super smart. I say that because just today he figured out how to scoot himself around the floor on his back. I’m not sure he knew where he was going, or why, but he scooted, and I realized I was really in for it when he’s up and running around with his brother.

Grayson is very attentive, and he is already starting to talk. Jack understands Grayson’s language and the two of them say “agoo” back and forth a lot. Grayson is also very helpful. He helps his brother climb into our laps whenever he’s already there and Jack wants to sit in our lap too.

Grayson is a ham. He’s always cheezin’ at us, or smiling and blowing bubbles.

Grayson’s lungs are very healthy. He doesn’t cry much (at least not now that we figured out he has acid reflux syndrome), but when he does, man can he belt it out.

Grayson’s lower lip can stick out pretty far. Whenever he’s mad, upset, or thinking about crying, he pouts really hard. His lip sticks out pretty far, and it’s adorable, even though we know when he does it that we better figure out what he wants and fast.

Grayson takes his medicine like a man. (See above for reference to Acid Reflux). Okay, maybe like an old man, but most of the time, Grayson takes all of this medicine, and when he does he feels much happier.

We love our little Grayson, and I can’t wait to see him grow up to make us proud.

See all of the photos from Grayson’s three month photo shoot with me here.

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