Swimming on the 3rd and Guerro’s

Since July 4th was on a Tuesday, I decided to take Monday off. Which was cool, because on Mondays, Jack goes to swimming lessons in the morning.

Christine and I headed to the Emler Swimming School at 9:00, and while Christine and Jack got ready to go swimming, I introduced myself to the other Dad there, and got my camera out. He had his camera too.

Jack had so much fun learning to swim, and interacting with the other kids. He’s supposed to be learning to hold his breath underwater, so that by the time he’s done with lessons this year, he should be able to swim independantly for 4-5 seconds, and should be able to jump into the pool from the side feet first. Totally cool to think that a two year old will know how to swim (maybe).

See all of the photos here.

Then, on Monday afternoon, we met the family (Greg, Cheri, Debbie, Raymond, Lisa, Gerry and kids) at Zilker Park, and caught a few photos of them on the train, before heading over to Guerro’s for dinner. Mmmmm, Guerro’s.

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