Painting and Family in town for the Fourth

On Saturday, July 1st, Christine, Jack and I got up and drove to Round Rock to paint a room for Marc and Cyndi. Cyndi’s baby girl is due in two weeks, and Marc was out in Johnson City building Cyndi’s mom a deck, so we decided to go help them get the nursery painted. I hate painting, and am no good at it…

So we talked Josh and Elise to driving out, so Josh could help me.

Josh and I painted, pretty much all day (my fault that we had to repaint a few parts) and it was fun… Actually, the painting wasn’t fun… hanging out with Josh all day was fun. We closed the door to the room, and enjoyed the paint fumes, kept the girls out and bonded for a good 4 or 5 hours.

After getting high painting all day, Marc got home, and the girls cooked us dinner… it was a fun day, even though I hate painting.

At the same time, we had a lot of family was in Austin for the Fourth of July weekend.

Lisa and Gerry from Arkansas, plus their kids Taylor, Chase and Aubrey, drove down to spend the long weekend with Debbie and Raymond, and Cheri, Greg, Paige, Patrick, and Matthew drove up from Houston.

We drove out to Lakeway to see them on Sunday. I got on a boat with Lisa, Gerry and their boys pretty much as soon as we arrived, and we took the boys out tubing. Then Greg joined us with the little kids, and Lisa and Greg headed back to the house. We had a lot of fun taking the kids out on the boat and throwing them in the water repeatedly from the tube. I even built up my courage enough (thanks to the beer) to try a round at tubing. Greg threw me off pretty quickly. Taylor and Chase were really good at helping the little kids, and teaching them how to ride the tube the right way. I was impressed.

Dinner was left-over barbque and shrimp. Mmmmm, good.

After diner, the boys played poker, and Christine and I got on the road with Jack… he was exhausted from all the swimming he did in the pool that day.

It was great to finally meet Aubrey and see Taylor now that he’s turning into a young man.

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