First Photos of 2006: Central Park in Austin

Christine came and grabbed me out of the office at 5:00 today, and we headed to Central Park here in Austin (it was 79°) and we had a blast. Here are three choice photos from the day:

A Window on Jack:

Don’t mess with me:

Running down the hill (about to face plant):

See more from the evening here.

Now that Jack is really walking on his own (there’s a movie coming soon, I just haven’t had time to edit it) we figured the park would be lots of fun. And boy, was it!

After playing at the park for an hour and a half or so, we ate dinner at the Central Market Cafe. I had Rustic wood-fired pizza. Christine and Jack had fish, veggies and mashed potatoes. I got to watch the 3rd quarter of the Notre Dame vs. Ohio State game while sitting on the patio with my family.

What a great afternoon!

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