The Austin Christmas Tree

On December 3rd, Jack, Christine and I met Cyndi, Marc and Rowan at the State Capitol to attend the city tree lighting ceremony.

It was pretty neat, and Jack had lots of fun.

They had a large stage setup on the Capitol steps, and a choir, and Christmas music playing.

Mayor Will Wynn led the countdown with the crowd to the lighting of the tree, and funnily, the tree didn’t light at the right time… but it lit up within 10 seconds or so of when he finished his countdown.

We took lots of photos, and sat on the Capitol lawn and chatted with Marc and Cyndi when one of them wasn’t chasing Rowan all over Austin (he’s into the running around and just running and running stage now – now I know what my mom was saying when she said the race is on).

When it was time to go, Jack got super pissed that Christine wouldn’t let him drink Cyndi’s Fresca, and he threw a decent little fit (he’s just starting to do that bad enough that we call it a fit).

Until that is, we let him walk basically from the Capitol to the car. Along the way, Rowan and Jack ran up and down a hill that is on the Capitol grounds… and up and down… and up and down… (I just figured out why my back hurts so bad today).

Then Christine tried to get Rowan to roll down the hill by showing him how to do it. She rolled and rolled and rolled… heh… Jack thought it was hilarious. I wish I had a photo of that for you all.

The rest of the photos from the evening are here. Merry Christmas.

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