Jack has been pretty grumpy the past two weeks or so during the day… Christine told me that he was teething. His bottom gums have been swollen, and he just seemed to get fussy a lot easier than he used to.

Tonight before bed, Christine put her finger in his mouth to check his gums, and she exclaimed “He’s got a tooth!” with a wild-eyed look on her face of sheer excitement.

She turned to me and said “A tooth! I wondered why he hadn’t been that fussy all day.”

So, we were both excited. We patted little Jack on the back, and told him congratulations. I started to get him a cigar to help celebrate the moment, but thought better of it.

Teething… at 9 months. 89 more years buddy, and you’ll lose them all again…

We tried to take a photo of the new tooth, and this is about as good as we could get:

Yeah, it’s not a good photo, but we tried. Next time you see Jack, ask him to show you his tooth.

p.s. there’s a really cute photo of Jack wearing his new Chicago Cubs hat here (I bought him that hat last week when I was at a Cubs vs. Atlanta game at Wrigley Field) as well as some others of him and I playing “Jump on the bed” and having a good ol’ time.

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