Last week, Christine and I stopped in Bellville on Tuesday for dinner, after I drove to Houston to make a sales call. We at dinner at Galileo’s, which is a nice little Mexican place in town. We saw Mama Payton there and a few of her friends… and Cap and Maxine joined us for dinner with my mom, Evan and Shadel.

After dinner we went to Grandma’s house, and saw all of the improvements she’s made on the house… Looks great mom.

And then, my mom gave Christine and I a few photos of me when I was a kid. We also got a copy of a great photo of Evan and I as kids (don’t Evan’s eyes just look like the bluest eyes you’ve ever seen?)

So, we got some super fun photos of me as a kid and, then this week, Christine picked up photos of Jack at 7 months. Jack is growing so much… just this week he has been pulling up from a sitting position, starting to skirt around standing up while holding on to furniture, and saying “eeeee” when he sees the kitty cat (think “hi kitty” … that’s the “eeee” sound he makes).

Isn’t he just adorable?


Do you think Jack looks like me, or Christine:

Christine John Jack

And, for bonus points… can anyone guess which Aunt of mine this is holding me as a baby:

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