On Monday of this week, Jack turned six months old.

Jack had a doctor’s appointment on Monday, so we got to see Dr. Treybig again, and Jack had to put up with those mean nasty shots again (only 2 this time though).

Dr. Treybig said Jack is looking good, growing well, and that he’s very strong. He’s hitting is developmental milestones… she also said he’s cute (which we already knew).

Jack was 16 pounds 8 ounces on Monday, was 26 inches long, and had a 44 centimeter head circumference. Jack’s measurements put him in the 50th percentile for his age-group. Jack’s growing steadily but surely…

He took his two shots like a man… that is to say he cried a bit, but was fine after a couple of minutes of comforting by his Mommy.

Jack’s smiling a lot now as a six-month old. He laughs alot, and enjoys himself during the day. He can sit up, and grabs things really well. We think he’s teething, as he’s constantly drooling and putting things in his mouth. He can almost hold his bottle in his mouth to feed himself (that is to say, he can hold it, but doesn’t always hold it at the right angle). He likes to try and feed himself with a spoon, but 90% of the feed he tries to feed himself ends up anywhere but his mouth if Mommy or Daddy aren’t controlling the spoon. Jack also goes to bed predictably at 7:30pm every night, but recently, he’s started going to bed on one end of the bed, and then after we’ve put him down, he crawls/wiggles/squirms to the other end of the bed to play with his crib toy before eventually falling asleep. We end up checking on him when we go to bed, and he’s so cute, sleeping there like a little angel, butt in the air, one hand in his mouth, the other out to his side grasping his little bear.

It was also Christine and my seven year wedding anniversay on Monday. We celebrated by going to bed early after watching a show or two on TV that we’d Tivo’d. We also treated ourselves to some Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches.

Oh, and we put down a deposit on the house we’re going to build. It should be ready by November, and we’re really excited about it… should be exactly what we’re looking for though it’ll take a while longer to get it than I was hoping.

So, to celebrate Jack’s six month birthday, we present this movie:

Where's Jack

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