Cleveland, Loveland, and San Antonio

A few weeks ago, I was in Cleveland for the night, because I was visiting a new potential client. The client meeting went great, but the night before, I was stuck in a hotel without power. It was pretty comical. I was given a chemlight glowstick thing (like you see at halloween, and like we used to use in the Army). It was interesting trying to read a book that night by chemlight, and it reminded me of being in the Army again, especially considering they’d placed me in a smoking room, so the pillow smelled like old stale cigarettes… blech. Totally reminded me of the Army days. They gave me $20 off the room because it was smoking, but didn’t mention the fact that I had no power all night as a reason to rebate me even further that morning when I checked out.

I flew to Loveland, Colorado the next day, and met with another client. This new client will be signing a contract shortly, so even though all the travelling sucked, I landed a new client. Which is good.

Then I got a signed contract last Monday from another new client, this one based in San Antonio. With this new contract, all is good with the job now, as I’m above quota, and concentrating on growing that margin between quota and my performance as much as I can.

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