Been Busy

Over the past few weeks, Christine, Jack and I have been busy.

Christine has been focusing a lot of her time on working with Angela Pierce’s pre-wedding events (Angela is Christine’s college roommate, and has been our friend for a long time. She’s getting married to David this summer in Dallas).

This past weekend, we were in Dallas, visiting clients, spending time with the Grandparents and Uncles, while also attending a couple’s shower for David and Angela, and then celebrating Christine’s first Mother’s Day.

On Friday, I spent the day driving around Dallas, visiting clients. Both meetings were fun. I met a fellow Aggie at one client (which always help open barriers to conversation).

The shower on Saturday night was a blast. All of David and Angela’s friends are fun to be around… We floated a keg of beer at the party by 10:00 pm, and someone had 4 cases of beer that they filled the fridge with… Then… they broke out the bottles of various liquors and started toasting. I don’t quite remember what they were toasting, but it was fun. I also talked to Angela about private vs. public school, which was educational (heh… get it…?). Angela attended private schools as a kid, and now she’s works in the public school system, so I thought her opinion would help us, as we think about where Jack would best be served in the future.

Christine and I left the party early (around 10:30) and went home to get some shuteye. We’ll get some photos of the evening up soon.

On Sunday, the family gathered for Mother’s Day lunch at the Kamp house. We enjoyed a ham dinner, with home made potato salad and other fixins. Grandmother and mother opened their cards, and we all said thank you to them. Mother’s really don’t get enough credit usually, so it’s nice to set aside a day just for them.

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