Denver in April

I landed in Denver this morning after barely making the flight … and let me tell you, the Denver Airport sucks. It took my 45 minutes from deboarding the plane to driving off the airport in my rental car. That’s totally unacceptable. It shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to get off the airport, in my opinion.

As I drove my 4WD SUV rental car off the airport, I was struck by how beautiful the Rocky Mountains were in the sunrise. I was headed for Loveland, which is about an hour north of Denver. The drive was wonderful, even if I didn’t know exactly where I was heading. I called Christine as I neared Loveland, and got better directions to my destination… think of it as having my own “00 Info” on standby (whenever she’s able to answer the phone).

My meeting in Loveland went well, and I think I’ll land that client in the next month. That put me in a good mood. On the way out of Loveland, back to Denver, I stopped at Subway for a 6-inch sub (remember, I just watched Super Size Me, and I’ve sworn off of McDonald’s for the time being).

I drove to Denver, and got a call from a future client I was trying to meet up with in the afternoon. They were sitting at a micro-brewery and wondered if I’d drop by. I said sure, and spent an hour with them while enjoying a very good Bock beer.

At 3:00, they had another call to take, so I headed to Denver and found my hotel and checked in. I headed to Starbucks to get on the internet, so I could check email and touch base with the home office (New York) and the home (Christine and Jack). I met the same client again at Dave and Busters at 5:00 and we talked until 7 p.m. which is a good sign.

I got back to my hotel by 7:45 or so, and watched the sun set over the Rockies from the 9th floor of the hotel. That was totally cool… breathtakingly gorgeous, and it only could have been more beautiful if I was on the west side of Denver instead of the east side (so the city wasn’t in the foreground as I looked west). Even with the city in the foreground it was gorgeous, and made for a great way to spend 30 minutes…

I like Denver in April.

One more future client to visit in the morning, and I’m on my way back to Ausitn.

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