To follow up on yesterday’s garage cleaning, Christine and I got up late this morning, and headed back out to the garage, after eating an early lunch.

We worked until 4:00, and we’re now able to say that we’ve gone through every box that was in the garage. We’ve gotten rid of a lot of stuff we just didn’t need anymore (like a box of MacWorld magazines that spanned from April 1998 to 2004). We’d saved so much crap over the past 8 years, that it was pretty funny going through all that stuff. We had a box of every receipt for everything we bought between May 1998 and December 2001. No idea why we saved that stuff. We had a box of a lot of old computer peripherals that I’d picked up over the years – The Salvation Army is now the proud owner of a USB 56K Modem, for example.

I hung our bicycles from the rafters in the garage, to get them out of the way. We packed away all of the Christmas decorations properly. We stored a lot of Barbies and art. I’ve started sorting out my tools and the like. The garage floor is now completely clear of any obstructions, save for a small pile of a few trash bags full of trash, that need to go out on Friday morning.

Most importantly, we found the box that came from our master bedroom at the Travis Heights house, that Christine had packed all of our valuables in. It was buried under about 10 other boxes, that we just hadn’t gotten around to unpacking. Felt good to find that box and put our hands on those things again.

The garage looks great, and after Friday, we’ll be able to pull a car into it (it’s not wide enough for 2 cars). So, I’m planning on washing the cars this coming weekend, and then parking the Volvo in the garage from here on out.

It feels really good to get something that felt like a huge job done, finally. (Only took us a year to get around to doing it).

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