In the red zone

It’s November 8th, and Christine is due on November 18th. We’re officially 10 days away from the big day (though that big day could actually happen any time between now and Thanksgiving). So we’re ‘in the red zone’ … don’t know if we’ll pass, run or kick, but we’ll be going for it, rest assured.

I can’t accurately describe how I feel about the fact that I’ll soon be a father, other than to say I’m extremely excited (jubilant would be a good adjective, I think) and looking forward to welcoming our baby into this world (there are about 5,000,000 feelings running through me at any given time, and I’m not the one that has all the extra hormones running through my body). I feel blessed at this point that Christine’s pregnancy has been relatively trouble-free.

She’s been a trooper and I’m really proud of her and thankful that she’s been able to go through all of this so far. The best is yet to come for her, and I hope I can be strong enough to help her through the last few days of this ordeal.

I’ll post news to this website as soon as I can when we have the baby…

In the mean-time, I’ve posted a couple of photo galleries that hadn’t been posted before:

  • Setting up the Baby Room is from when Christine and her mom set up the baby’s room while Frank and Mary visited (and we had a couple of other visitors that weekend too).
  • Friend and Animals is from when Josh, Elise, and Michelle (with her new car) came over in September. The cat is the neighbors playful kitty.

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