AUS to NYC to AUS to SFO to AUS

Two weeks ago I started my new job at 24/7 Real Media.

Two weeks ago, I flew to New York for a week of training and to attend my first quarterly sales conference. I met the New York office, the CEO, President, and the rest of the executive team, a couple of the developers, the media sales division, the tech sales division, and all of the support folks. Talk about Great People!

I remember calling Christine on Wednesday at lunch time and telling her “I just feel good being around these people. They’re all smarter than me and enjoy their jobs so much, it’s invigorating.” It’s been a long time since I could say that about all of my co-workers (I could say it about a couple of handfuls of people at my last two jobs). All of the folks at 24/7 Real Media are top notch folks… I talked to my old boss, Andy, from Bestfares, and he said “John, it sounds like you really feel alive there” — he hit the nail on the head with that statement. I do.

So, on Thursday night in New York, I attended the launch party for 212 (the interactive marketing association of New York). Wow! What a blast. The party was held at The Deep, a club in Manhattan, and we had a great time at the party. I met old friends and made new ones.

Then I came home to Austin for a few days, before heading to San Francisco this past Thursday to meet a few folks from the SF office, before heading to the launch party for BIG, San Francisco’s Bay area Interactive Group. 24/7 Real Media is a big sponsor of BIG, so we wanted to have a decent prescence at the opening party, and our Senior VP of Sales, my boss, the VP of Media, and a few of us sales people attended the party. It was a blast. Again, met old friends and made new ones.

Then I flew back home yesterday and took it easy…

Two big parties in two weeks. I can already tell, I’m gonna love this job.

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