Spiderman and the Bats

This past weekend, my Aunt Peggy brought Payton up to visit Austin.

They arrived on Thursday night, around 10:00, and we stayed up chatting for a little while. On Friday, Christine and I went to work, while they tootled around Austin visiting a few tourist stops, and doing a little shopping (Payton goes back to school this week).

Friday night, we took them to see Spiderman 2 at the Alamo Draft House — Good movie, great venue.

On Saturday, we got up and Payton really helped us out by helping me get the yard in shape. Payton weedeated and edged while I mowed the yard. We watered the flowers and then got ready for a full day.

Around 2:00 or so, we went to Freebirds, picked up lunch, and headed out to Mt. Bonnell for a little site-seeing and picnic, overlooking Lake Austin. It was very nice out there…

Then we drove around Austin a bit, stopping at Austin Found before heading over to Amy’s Ice Cream on Lamar for a quick snack, then home for a quick nap.

Later that evening, we went to the Congress Street Bridge to watch the bats come out. Wow! Christine and I’d never seen them so close, and it was pretty awesome to see them, and to just spend that time with Peggy and Payton.

We ended the night with a late dinner at the Shavy Grove, and then headed home to go to sleep.

On Sunday morning, Payton and I played with iTunes for the better part of the morning before Peggy and Payton headed home.

All-in-all, a fantastic weekend… I’ll have pictures from the weekend up later this week…

update: I’ve posted the photos, including a few of the bats.

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