Family and Friends for the weekend

This weekend Evan and Shadel brought Ella to Austin. It was their first trip to Austin since we moved into the new house, and Ella’s first trip ever (there are going to be a lot of those ‘firsts’ aren’t there?)

We had a great, relaxing and fun weekend.

On Friday night, we stayed home and watched a movie, then Christine and I took turns watching the baby during the night.

On Saturday, Christine and Shadel treated themselves to a visit to the salon. Evan and I spent the day visiting Home Depot, killing wasps nests, mowing the yard, replacing a few sprinkler heads, playing PS2 and Nintendo, and watching the baby. We all then went to Hula Hut for dinner before calling it a night at 8:30 or 9:00.

Sunday brought french toast and Lil’ Smokies for breakfast courtesy of Christine, and then Evan and I took a trip to Home Depot again before getting the garage somwhat into shape with the addition of 3 nice shelves and a little organization.

Then we had a late lunch at Freebirds World Burrito before the three of them headed back to Bellville.

Ella’s all of three weeks old now, and is a wonderful baby.

Josh and Elise came over for Sunday night dinner and Suprano’s. Josh made a mean queso for all of us, and we enjoyed the show while catching up on each other’s varied happenings.

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