Weekend spent with Josh and Elise

On Friday, Josh emailed me and said “hey dude, mind if we come up and visit this weekend?”. I’d been bugging him about coming up since they’re now living in Temple, which is much closer than Austin is. We really didn’t have anything planned, so I called Christine and she was okay with it, so they came up.

On Saturday, Christine and I were volunteering for the Monticello Mad Dash benefitting Kids Who Care, a local thespian training group for kids. Christine was on the planning committee for the race. We showed up at 5am, helped them with set up and the event… and then stuck around to tear it down. We were done by noon, and we really had a lot of fun.

After driving home, we both cleaned up and rested for a couple of hours. Josh and Elise arrived at about 1:45pm or so.

We hung out around the house, talking and what-not. I helped Josh with some php/MySQL and we played a little PS2. Then we all went down to the Fort Worth Stock Yards for the afternoon. We visited all of the little shops, Christine and Elise tasted Texas wines, and then we ate at Riscky’s Barbeque. Afterwards, we bought some beer, came home and played PS2 into the wee hours of the morning.

We woke up on Sunday, played a little more PS2 and then headed to the Mayfest being held at the Trinity River. We took Wesley with us, but they wouldn’t let him in, so we decided to head back home… Josh and Elise needed to get back to Temple anyways. We stopped at a garage sale on the way home, but no one bought anything. The poor old ladies selling their stuff really didn’t have much and wanted way too much for it.

Josh and Elise left for Temple at 3, and Christine and I are watching Moulin Rouge this afternoon. We might even watch Bridget Jones’s Diary tonight if we’re up to it.

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