The weekend was pretty uneventful, but Christine and I did finally go see the Rookie. Great movie, highly recommended. We went to a matinee to save some cash, it was definitely worth it.

After the movie we stopped by a local little resteraunt call the Wing Stop. Good place for Hot Wings. We brought them home and enjoyed them… in fact, our neighbors had to go pick some up because we were telling them how good they were. After dinner I mowed the lawn, borowed the neighbors edger, and got everything cleanly dressed, and helped him move around some sand and other stuff for his flower beds. They were putting in Azalieas (sp?)

On Sunday we got up and went to church at 9:30. Our new Sunday School class wasn’t meeting at their regular time or place, but rather we were attending a musical service in the Leonard Memorial chapel (a very good acustical setting). The service was focused around the theme of “light” which is sort of a central theme to a lot of passages in the Bible and in the hymns that were sung. The choir was awesome. After that service we attended communion for the first time in a while.

After church, we stopped at a local Americana type resteraunt called Lucile’s Bistro. Christine had the biggest Chicken Salad sandwich I’ve seen in a while, while I ate a great Reuben sandwich. The chips are home-made, the pickles are fresh and crispy, and the Bingnets are wonderful. Go visit them sometime.

After lunch, Christine went to the gym, I played Final Fantasy X some more. Then I worked on (almost done) and Christine worked on some stuff for Freese & Nichols.

Josh and I chatted on Sunday a little about life, and he uploaded a copy of his video from his website. I’m working on getting it smaller than 10MB with Quicktime and if i can I’ll post a copy of it for you all to download here as well.

Altogether a pleasant weekend, though it was too short.

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