Jack graduated to boyhood today.

He officially went from being a baby to being a little boy today.

How, might you ask, did Jack become a little boy today?

He bled.

His first bleed. He got his first bo-bo.

And he bled.

Jack, Christine and I were enjoying ourselves in the living room tonight, before dinner… We’d tuned the TV to the music channel (rap music specifically) and we were all dancing.

Christine went into the kitchen to finish up dinner, while Jack and I continued dancing. He was bebopping along, shaking his head and booty, when all of a sudden…


He’d pulled himself close to the couch table, and then rocked his head forward to the beat. And BAAAM!

He hit his chin on the table… really hard, and I saw him instantly wince in pain. I immediately picked him up to try to console him.

I then handed him to his Mommy, who’d come running from the kitchen, he had a little blood bubble in this mouth that he was spitting out.

I told him “Man, buddy, that was a good one” while Christine teared up at her little boy’s first bloody accident.

We went into the kitchen to see if we could figure out what was bleeding, but we couldn’t… he wouldn’t let us look inside his mouth, so I got a washcloth from the bathroom, put a piece of ice in it, and got it wet so he could suck on it.

He liked that, so we stood there by the sink, letting him suck on a wet rag, while we tried to figure out if he’d busted out a tooth, cut his top gums, or busted his lip…

He finally calmed down, so we all sat down for dinner, and as Jack was eating, I noticed the little spot inside his bottom lip that was busted… he’d bitten his bottom lip with his two little teeth.

From today forward Jack is officially a little boy… never again to be a baby. He’s shed blood.

It won’t be the last time either, of that I’m sure.

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