Jack’s Two Week Checkup

We took Jack in to see Dr. Treybig again today, as he’s now officially two weeks old.

Jack survived his two-week check up, just fine. Dr. Treybig says he’s growing just fine, and that everything seems to be in order (she actually said “he’s perfect” and we agree). Dad didn’t survive the trip unharmed: The little guy pee’d on me right before the nurse stuck his heel with a little needle… which didn’t make him happy, by the way.

He weighs 8 lbs. 2 oz. and is 21 inches long. He’s grown a full pound since he was born and is an inch taller than he was last week. Dr. Treybig says he has a birthmark on the back of his head and maybe on his back.

Also, last night, Michelle visited after work. Josh also came over after work, as Elise is out of town at a funeral in Iowa (our sympathies Elise).

I took some photos last night of Jack with Josh and Michelle with the new camera, as I’m trying to learn how to use it better. I think they turned out pretty good. They’re a little dark on my Windows laptop screen, but look great on the Macintosh screen, so I apologize if they’re a little dark for you.

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