Accepting, Quitting, Mowing, Painting, and Showering

Stuff from the weekend:


  • Accepted a job offer from 24/7 Real Media.
  • I gave my boss 2-week notice that I’m taking a new job at 24/7 Real Media starting on September 27th (that was tough to do… loved the old job and the old boss)
  • Christine took me to dinner at Moonshine in downtown (great dinner).

  • Mowed the Lawn.
  • Painted the first coat on the walls in the master bedroom.
  • Caulked the guest bathroom.
  • Attended a very fun baby shower that Erin, Debra, Cindy, and Elise threw for us. (see photos) (see josh’s photos also)
  • Fell asleep (exhausted) on the guest bed.

  • Woke up at 7:30 am, due to the fact that I fell out of the too small guest bed.
  • Bought donuts for the wife and myself.
  • Watered the dying grass in the front yard (our sprinkler system broke, and it took me a few weeks to notice).
  • Painted the final coat in the master bedroom.
  • Christine oiled the antiques my mom gave us. (Thanks so much mom — they’re gorgeous!)
  • Set up the antiques in the guest bedroom (they look good).
  • Watered the back yard.
  • Ripped a copy of GlenGarry GlenRoss for Josh.
  • Bought a crib and mattress for the baby.
  • Came home and did nothing until we went to bed.

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