Kari Burt – 5th Fastest Hurdler in the State!

We went to the State UIL Track meet this year to watch Kari “K.K” Burt run the 300 meter low hurdles. Kari ran a fantastic race against some fantastic hurdlers and came in 5th place overall in the state.

That’s quite an accomplishment and we were glad to get to go watch her run and visit with her, her mom, her sister, and Nanny and Bussy. Seeing Coach Seals and Mrs. Seals again were a delight.

Bussy and I remarked on how much of an accomplishment just making it to the State level was, before the race. All of us are very pround of Kari’s performance. 5th place in the whole state sure isn’t a bad place to be in, when you consider just how many athletes that means Kari beat to get to where she is in her game.

Kari’s going to start attending Texas A&M later this year, and we wish her the best of luck there. If she shows half the competitive spirit there that she did running track in high-school, we know we can expect great things from her.

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