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This week, Grandma came to visit Jack, Christine and I, because I was flying to Tulsa for work on Tuesday. (Sorry Tulsa family. . . I meant to call html>, I promise). So, while I flew up to Oklahoma for work, Grandma Engler came to cover for me while I was out of town, and to help out during the day while I was at work. She stayed until today (Thursday). While she was here, Grandma cooked some amazing meals, like homemade chicken soup [html>] (with some really good homemade noodles) and a fantastic potroast. Both meals are in the fridge, and will feed us for a few days still. She also brought up some Sausage (always a crowd pleaser) and cooked steaks, asparagas for dinner one html> night when Brad and Kim came over. Html> christine was able to get out of the house one night thanks to grandma, and christine had a good time with her friends at the . Here are a few recent photo galleries from the recent past, starting with the ones from Grandma Engler's visit:

  • - a few photos of Grandma Engler holding Jack before she went home
  • - Reflections of Jack in the mirror, too cute!
  • - Kim came over to visit Jack
  • - Erin and Tejashri came over to visit
  • - Jack and his mommy late at night
  • - Jack at two weeks old
  • - photos of Michelle and Josh with Jack and the Christmas Tree

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